Thursday, November 26, 2009

Food Adventure XVII - Pudina Rice

I had a mixed opinion of mint/pudina. I used to like it's fragrance, but was apprehensive of cooking with it. It might be because, pudina would grow on its own with weeds and such in our quarters in jorhat, or maybe because i sometime in past ate something so strongly pudina-y that i am scared that it would over power the dish. But, today I gave in to the fragrance (and kaushik's farmaish) of pudina rice.
To prep for the dish - I separated leaves from the bunch and washed them thoroughly, chopped an onion, tomato and green chilli, grated half n inch of ginger and soaked 2 cups of basmati rice.
In a little oil, added some cumin seeds and hing. when the seeds splutter added the chopped onions and tomatoes. when they were done, added the mint leaves. cooked till the leaves wilted and turned off the flame (yes, we have a gas stove!). when cool, made a paste of the mixture.
In the same pan, added some oil, saunf and this paste. after few seconds, added the soaked basmati rice and mixed thoroughly. added 4 cups of water and cooked till the rice was done.
We loved the pudina rice - cucumber raita combo.


Jess Noel said...

Hi!!! Of course we are BOTH bloggers! Love it love it love it...I'll be reading :)

vichika said...

Thanks Jess, you are just too sweet! :)